15 most beautiful engagement rings

By now you’ve decided on a romantic gift for him, but what will Valentines Day have in store for you? Are you secretly hoping for a proposal? Or did he already pop the question and are you on the search for the perfect engagement ring?

We are celebrating this time of love with the most beautiful engagement rings from our collection. Of course we’re curious which one is your favorite, so let us know!

Lezen in het Nederlands


Vintage and remarkable

Photography: Audra Wrisley


Sweet and refined

Photography: Wike Zijlstra


Royal and generous

Photography: Katie Stoops


Intense romantic

Ring: Elke van Herck


Gold and botanic

Photography: Michelle Wever

Ring: Judigje Edelsmid


Robust and expressive

Photography: Jeanni Dunagan


Geometric and classic

Photography: Emily Sacco


Pure simplicity

Photography: Caroline Tran


Refined and romantic

Photography: Jessica Photography

Ring: Atelier Camp & Co



Photography: Audra Wrisley



Photography: Alexandra Vonk


Handmade and unique

Photography: Bianca Rijkenbarg

Ring: Nadine Kieft


Classic flower

Photography: Alexandra Vonk



Photography: Laura Gordon


Cool and uncomplicated

Photography: Sophie Epton

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